Institutional Research Staff

Pamela Borkowski-Valentin, Assistant Director for Institutional Research

Pamela Borkowski-Valentin

Pamela has a BA in Sociology, and Master's degrees in Social Service and Law and Social Policy. Most recently she worked for five years as a Research Analyst in the Montgomery County Community College (MCCC) Institutional Research office. Pamela's understanding of the challenges facing college students is informed through her background in social work, and internship experience at the Bryn Mawr Civic Engagement Office. She joined Swarthmore in 2013, and as IR's Data and Reporting Officer Pamela is responsible for creating and managing primary IR datasets, and using this data to meet both internal and external informational needs.

Office: 101 S Chester Road, room 209
Phone: 610-690-2015


Jason Martin, Assistant Director for Institutional Analysis

Jason Martin picture

Jason completed a PhD in Sociology at Temple University, with his dissertation "Marketization in the Nonprofit Arts and Culture Sector: An Organizational Analysis." Before coming to Swarthmore in 2013, he worked for six years as a Research Analyst for the Metropolitan Philadelphia Indicators Project (MPIP), conducting both quantitative and qualitative research studies that examined how region-based factors such as education and economy relate to the activities of non-profit organizations. Jason's role as Assistant Director for Institutional Analysis is to apply social science expertise to focus on special issues and in-depth research projects.


Office: 101 S Chester Road, room 207
Phone: 610-328-8261


Robin Huntington Shores, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment

Robin Shores, Director of Institutional Research

Robin has a Ph.D. in Social Psychology. She has worked in Institutional Research in a variety of settings, and established Swarthmore's first formal Institutional Research office. As Director, Robin is responsible for executing a comprehensive program of institutional research, providing information and research to inform planning, decision-making, and institutional effectiveness efforts at the College. Working with the Provost's Office and President's Staff, she also provides guidance and leadership with regard to assessment of student learning and assessment of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) across all areas of the College.


Office: 101 S Chester Road, room 208
Phone: 610-690-6879