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Enrolled Students Survey (ESS)

The ESS was written by an advisory committee of COFHE Institutional Researchers, for the use of COFHE institutions in place of the CSEQ. Its items come from the CSEQ, and COFHE Alumni and Senior surveys. Two items are taken from the National Survey on Student Engagement. (See the description of the CSEQ for a more detailed explanation of the relationship between the CSEQ and the NSSE.)

The ESS was administered in Spring 2003 as a web-based survey, with the hosting and administrative details handled by MIT. They did a great job handling our Class of 2002 Senior Survey, and did a great job again with the ESS. We achieved a response rate of about 60%.

The ESS was revised and a COFHE-wide administration was conducted in spring 2007. This was again a web-based survey, and achieved a response rate of about 57%.