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Admitted Student Questionnaire (ASQ)

The ASQ is a product of the The College Board. It is a national survey that is used by many of our peers. The Swarthmore College Admissions office has administered this survey each summer since 1992. All students who were admitted to Swarthmore for the upcoming Fall are surveyed, regardless of whether they enrolled. The survey asks about impressions of the College, where the student enrolled, and what factors may have influenced their decision to enroll at their chosen college.

Response rates to this survey have typically been good, with students who did enroll at Swarthmore responding in the 70% range and those who did not enroll in the 50% range. The vendor ("Applied Educational Research, Inc," for The College Board) prepares detailed reports, copies of which are maintained in the Admissions Office and in the Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Assessment Office. Shorter summaries of these reports are usually prepared by either the Admissions or the Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Assessment Office. In addition, we have purchased data files and may conduct our own analyses.