Employee Recognition Programs

Service Award Program

Service Award Program

The College recognizes the value of employee contributions to its goals and mission and recognizes long-service to the institution. Each year at the Winter Gathering held in December, those employees celebrating significant milestones in their service to the College are honored and recognized by their supervisors, senior staff, and peers.

The Human Resources (HR) department made a significant improvement to the Employee Service Award Program in 2008. After considering several firms recommended by other colleges and universities, the College has retained the C. A. Short Company, a well-respected leader in the field of recognition and reward programs to administer our program. They have a record of excellent customer service and administrative support. This change will provide a remarkable variety of reward selections for our diverse employee population and will significantly improve the quality of the recognition program.

With the C. A. Short Company program, each gift category: 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, etc, will have over 90 gifts from which to select. Within each gift category service award recipients choose from a rich assortment of jewelry, electronics, outdoor, watches and pens, gourmet, home and leisure, tools and traditional gifts. With this level of variety available, all service award recipients are able to find an award that suits their individual needs.

When service award recipients are called to the stage to be recognized they will receive a presentation packet. The packet will contain a certificate of appreciation, a congratulatory letter from the president and a gift selection brochure with instructions on placing a gift order. Once the order is placed with C. A. Short Company, it will be shipped within 2-5 days to the award recipient's home address. Should there be any difficulties with the gift item, the award recipient will contact a "live" C. A. Short Company representative (no voice mail) empowered to make decisions on the spot.

The 25 year service award recipients are able to select a College chair or rocker, College clock or an Adirondack chair. Alternatively, they are able to select a gift from the C. A. Short Company catalogue for their category. The presentation to the community by their supervisor is the centerpiece of the Gathering.

Service Award Gift Selection

For each award category there are over 90 gifts to choose from among nine gift groupings: watches and pens, jewelry, gourmet, electronics, outdoors, home and leisure, tools and traditional. Service award recipients receive a catalog with the gifts for their service award category at the December Winter Gathering when they are called to the stage to be recognized. Employees celebrating 25 years of service are provided with two gift options. They may select a gift from the C. A. Short Company catalog or choose one of the traditional Swarthmore 25 year service award gifts shown below.