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Academic Program

Academic Program

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The German Studies Program offers students a wide variety of courses in language, literature, film and culture taught in German, as well as classes in anthropology and sociology, art, history, music, philosophy, and political science. Stressing the interrelatedness of linguistic competency and broad cultural literacy, German studies classes cover a wide range of literary periods, intellectual history, and film and visual culture. The diverse approaches to German culture(s) prepare students for graduate work in several academic disciplines, as well as for a variety of international careers. German studies can be pursued as course major or minor or as a major and minor in the Honors Program.

Students are expected to be sufficiently proficient in the German language to use it for written and oral work. To this end, we strongly advise students to spend an academic semester—preferably spring semester—in a German-speaking country before their senior year.

Not all advanced courses or seminars are offered every year. Students wishing to major or minor in German Studies should plan their program in consultation with the program coordinator. All German Studies courses numbered 050 and above are open to students after German Studies 20. Seminars in German are taught in fall semesters only and are open to students with advanced skills in reading and writing German. For seminar enrollment in our affiliated departments, please consult the guidelines for each department and the German Studies coordinator.