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Film & Media Studies Alums

FMST Alums: Daisy Schmitt

What I’m Doing Now: Research & Production Assistant working for 5 O'Clock Films on a documentary for American Experience on PBS.

Check It Out: + my personal website

How I Got Here: Graduated > Office Manager job @ post house > Assistant Producer @ ad agency > a little networking > freelance documentary production!

Film and Media Studies is . . . a springboard to wonderful things.

FMST Alums: Robert Alford

What I'm Doing Now: Ph.D. Candidate in Film and Media at UC Berkeley

Check it out: Paint your Band Wagon: style, space and sexuality

How I Got Here: Working as a projectionist for FMST taught me a lot about the history of film . . . The generosity, enthusiasm, and keen insight of the faculty inspired me to pursue film and media at the graduate level.

Film and Media Studies is . . . the perfect home for my diverse interests in modern and contemporary culture.

FMST Alums: Jeff Scheible '04

Jeff Scheible '04 currently teaches in Cinema Studies at SUNY Purchase. He recently wrote Digital Shift: The Cultural Logic of Punctuation.

FMST Alums: Matt Thurm '10

Matt Thurm ’10 was the producer of the feature H., featured at Sundance. The film's directors Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia won Someone to Watch at the 2015 Film Independent Spirit Awards. 

Thurm '10 (left) is featured here with directors Garcia and Attieh at the Berlin Film Festival.

FMST Alums: Stella Kyriakopoulos '05

The dramatic short Volta, written and directed by Stella Kyriakopoulos ’05, recently premiered at Sundance Film Festival.

FMST Alums: Brandy Monk-Peyton '06

What I’m Doing Now: Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Modern Culture and Media at Brown University. I am currently writing my dissertation: “Blackness, Celebrity, and the Dark Side of Publicity in Media Culture” which theorizes the role of 'image' and image management in public relations as it intersects with racialized exposure, providing fresh insights into the aesthetics and politics of black media representation in the post-Civil Rights era.    

Check It Out: My short piece, The Sound of Scandal: Crisis Management and the Musical Mediation of Racial Desire” for The Black Scholar journal roundtable conversation on the television series, Scandal.

How I Got Here: After getting my degree in Film and Media Studies, I went on to obtain a M.A. in Media, Culture, and Communication at NYU. After an internship at ABC News, I realized I wanted to critically analyze entertainment media and teach film, TV, and digital culture -- not just report on it!  
Film and Media Studies is . . . 
Where I first learned the importance of reading images as texts to better understand issues of identity and representation in screen cultures.