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Film Courses at Haverford College

Eligible for Credit at Swarthmore College

Film and Media Studies is an interdisciplinary field and a number of courses offered in other departments are eligible for credit towards the major or minor. In most cases, such courses use film and media as at least half of the course material, and students will be asked to do a majority of their individual work for the course on topics in film and media studies. Students must notify both the course instructor and the FMST department if they are applying for credit toward their program. A limited number of credits taken outside the department (this includes courses taken off campus at UPenn, Bryn Mawr or Haverford, abroad, or in the summer) towards the major or minor.


COML 210 Spanish & Spanish American Film Studies (Michelotti) TF 11:10a-12:30p, TF 2:40p-4:00p (2 sections) 

EALC/VIST 230 Postwar Japanese Cinema (Schoneveld) MTh 11:10a-12:30p 

EALC/VIST 299 Modern & Contemporary Japanese Literature & Film (Schoneveld) MTh 1:10p-2:30p 

ICPR 144 Introduction to MIDI Film Scoring (Gomez) MTh 11:10a-12:30p 

VISTH 110 Foundations in Film Production (Funari) MTh 9:40a-11:00a 

VISTH 206 Hybrid Cinema: Fiction, Non-fiction and the Exploration of Reality (Berger) MTh 11:10a-12:30p 

VIST 239 Visions of Justice: Human Rights & Legal Consciousness in Asian Cinema (Hong) MTh 04:10pm-05:30pm

VIST 247 Planetary Lines in World Literature & Film (Rajbanshi) MTh 11:10a-12:30p 

VIST 314 Feminist Filmmaking Studio (Hong & Guzman) MTh 01:10pm-02:30pm

VIST 353 The Documentary Body: Advanced Media Production (Funari) T 4:10p-7:00p, W 7:10p-9:30p 

WRPR Power, Place, and Film (Ladva) MTh 9:40a-11:00a