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Untitled 29 (Night of Scenes 2004)

Night of Scenes 2004

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The Department of Theater presents Untitled 29 , an evening of work by the students of Directing I, the Directing Workshop.

  • Scenes directed by Anna Belc, featuring Joseph Borkowski, Natalie Bowlus, Claire Melin, and Lulu Miller. A story about four people and their chance encounter at the crossroads of love, loss, and memory.
  • Scenes directed by Ethan Ucker, featuring Davide Berretta, Neal Dandade, Joella Fink, Mukethe Kawinzi, Jeff Merkle, and Jacqui Simone. This piece examines the delicate, haunting relationship between a woman and her mother: "Will you never have done revolving it your poor mind?"
  • Scenes directed by Phoebe Vacharat, featuring Alexandra Bradbury, Ben Firestone, Kasie Groom, Jason Horwitz, and Anne Kolker. The dreams, hopes and fears of a family anxiously awaiting their daughter's return.
  • Scenes directed by Ariana Nash. Featuring Joella Fink and Ivan Boothe.
  • Scenes directed by Janice Im, featuring Stephanie Duncan. Love. Retribution. Betrayal. The harrowing account of a modern-day Medea.directed by Katie Van Winkle, featuring Raghu Karnad and Peter Kriss. A bleakly humorous exploration of variations on exclusion and alienation through the experiences of two immigrants, a political refugee and a laborer.

Location: Frear Ensemble Theatre
Dates: December 9, 2004 - December 10, 2004
Times: 8 pm