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The Third Annual Swarthmore Follies

The Third Annual Swarthmore Follies
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The Department of Theater presents an evening of farce scenes by the students of Directing II, the Advanced Directing Workshop (THEA 055).

Excerpts from Endgame

By Samuel Beckett. Directed by Joel Johnson. Featuring David Bosworth and Greg Posey. Puppet construction by David Boworth and Joel Johnson. Lighting design by Jove Graham and Kara Herzog.

Excerpts from Heartpiece

By Heiner Muller. Directed by Jeffrey Sugg. Featuring Eric Behrens and Joel Johnson. Lighting design by Rachel Frank and Eric Hewett.

Excerpts from Landscape of the Body

By John Guare. Directed by Miriam Fried. Featuring Michelangelo Celli and Elizabeth Webster. Lighting design by Kimon Keramidas and Lesley Tsina.

Excerpts from Lysistrata

By Aristophanes. Directed by Amy Hammock. Featuring Andrew Mong and Vanessa Morrel. Lighting design by David Sacker and Elizabeth Webster.

Excerpts from Out at Sea

By Slawomir Mrozek. Directed by Dan Rothenberg. Featuring Solveig Holum, Krister Johnson, Robin Mandel, Greg Posey, and Jeffrey Sugg. Lighting design by Meredith Hinshaw and Michal Zadara.

Excerpts from Variations on the Death of Trotsky

By David Ives. Directed by Adam Koplan. Featuring Allison Gill, Krister Johnson, and Theron Schmidt. Lighting design by Jennifer Koermer and Erin Watson.

Location: Frear Ensemble Theatre
Date: December 10, 1994