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Theater of All Possibilities

Production Ensemble | January 29-31, 2021

A geometric logo of thin black lines behind neon letters that spell out TOAP on a white background. Black text reads "Theater of All Possibilities"

The Theater of All Possibilities is a method, a community, and a way of life. Let master teacher R a i n b o a b pull the curtain of deception away from your self-view and help guide you towards the revelation of performance that is the Light, Energy, and Sound (LES™) method. You don't have to wait for the seminar to begin your transformation... join us here-and-now at the Where It Is

TOAP is simple. TOAP is new. TOAP is the work. TOAP is the way. 

♦ ♦ ♦

Directed by K. Elizabeth Stevens
Dramaturgy by Madeline Charne '14
Production Design by Matt Saunders
Costume Design by Laila Swanson
Sound Design by Elizabeth Atkinson
Stage Management by Melanie Leeds
Production Management by Scott Cassidy
Production Assistance by Michael Lambui
Assistant Sound Design by Michael Nutt '23
Assistant Stage Management by Simon Herz '23
Website by Vanessa Ogbuehi
Artwork by Marian DeSouza / Studio By Harlow
Publicity by Jillian Jetton

Performer/Creators: Jacqueline Acunto '23, Nooria Ahmed '22, Fouad Dakwar '22,  Marie Inniss '23, Nya Kuziwa '22, Raya Tuffaha '23

♦ ♦ ♦

"L.E.S." by Theater of All Possibilities
Adapted from "The Realness (feat. Eric Kupper)"
Directed by The Luminary (Michael Nutt '23)
Produced by B'b'Sage (Elizabeth Atkinson)