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Night of Scenes II - Spring '09

Rindecella and Friends

Created by McFeely Sam Goodman '10 and Performers
Directed by McFeely Sam Goodman '10
Lighting Design by Matthew Armstead '08
Production Engineer - Louis Jargow '10

Nell Bang-Jensen '11
Miriam Rich '11
Isa St. Clair '11

Scenes directedby Christopher Compton '09

Choreography by Carmella Ollero '09

ARIARATHES, a Cappadocian: Matt Lamb '12
ASHER, a Sadducee: Zach Schmidt '12
BILHAH, a Nazarene: Fletcher Wortman '09
EPAPHRODITOS, a soldier: Tom Jetmore '09
EZANA, a Nubian: Anthony Montalbano '12
HAGGAI, a Sadducee: Walker Stole '12
HEROD, Tetrarch of Judea: Nicco Moretti '10
HERODIAS, Wife of the Tetrarch: Randall Johnston '09
IOKANAAN, A prophet: Josh Cohen '09
ISSACHAR, a slave: Libby Murphy '09
MAHALATH, a Nazarene: Genevieve McGahey '12
MANASSEH, a slave: Eva Amesse '11
MEDAD, a Pharisee: Matt Thurm '10
MNASON, a soldier: Brian Willis '11
NAAMAN, the executioner: JB Donnelly '09
NARRABOTH, a Syrian and captain of the guard: Alex Avellan '09
OHAD, a Pharisee: Dan Abdul-Malak '09
OZIAS, a slave: Liz Dickey '09
SALOME, Princess of Judea: Sara Lipshutz '11
TIGELLINUS, a Roman: Sven-David Udekwu '09
TIRAS, the page of Herodias: Nemo Swift '11
UZZI, an Essene: Carson Young '10
ZILPAH, a soldier: Scott Waymouth '09

Special thanks to the Delta Upsilon Fraternity for their support.

Directing II Workshop taught by K. Elizabeth Stevens