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Night of Scenes (1993)

Night of Scenes (1993)

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The Department of Theater presents a night of scenes by the students of Directing I, the Directing Workshop (THEA 035).

  • Scenes directed by Matt Fittsimons. Featuring Michaelangelo Celli, Alec Marotta, Tom Lincoln, and Wilson Hall.
  • Scenes directed by Micheline Murphy. Featuring Adam Koplan and Tom Lincoln.
  • Scenes directed by Teri Minton. Featuring Dave Jenemann and Sanda Balaban.
  • Scenes directed by Brent Askari. Featuring John Spiegelman and John Byhouwer.
  • Scenes directed by Lourdes Mattei. Featuring Irene Pedraza and Joan Friedman.

Location: Frear Ensemble Theatre
Date: May 4, 1993