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New York Times raves about work by Prof. Matt Saunders & Nell Bang-Jensen '11

Head theater critic Jesse Green says the two shows "offer hope" for the future of pandemic theater.

"Critic's Notebook: How 'Wolves' and 'Heroes' Are Saving Pandemic Theater" over an image of 9 soccer players in a grid of zoom windows from the play "The Wolves"

Nell Bang-Jensen '11 directed and Prof. Matt Saunders production designed two separate shows that received glowing reviews from The New York Times' head Theater Critic Jesse Green this week. 

"And the good news for 'Heroes,' as for 'The Wolves,'" Green remarked, "is that pandemic productions as fine as these will keep shattering audiences until they can reassemble to confront live theater again." Green called Jensen's use of the omnipresent Zoom grid "powerfully expressive," and The Wilma's site-specific digital production "devastating."  Click here to read the full review

The Wilma's film-theater hybrid production of Heroes of the Fourth Turning by Will Arbery, Production Designed by Prof. Matt Saunders, is available on Demand through December 13.

Philadelphia Theater Company's production of The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe, directed by Nell Bang-Jensen '11 is available on demand through December 20.