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Mythology in Flux

The Department of Theater presents two original collective creations by the students of Directing II, the Advanced Directing Workshop (THEA 055).

Persephone Doubled

Directed by Kiran Rikhye. Featuring Emine Fisek, Adrienne Mackey, Hunter Wells, and Heather Weyrick. Dramaturgy by Elizabeth Nolte. Lighting Design by Adrienne Mackey and Steven Salter.

Testing Abraham

Directed by Jon Stancato. Featuring Carlos Duque, Felicia Leicht, Steven Salter, and Sarah Yardney. Dramaturgy by Jessica Nakamura. Lighting design by Jon Elmer, Evan Hensleigh, and Megan Moerke.

Location: Frear Ensemble Theatre
Dates: May 5, 2001 - May 6, 2001