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Production Ensemble 2014

Caryl Churchill’s remarkable play, MAD FOREST takes place before and after the revolutionary events of December 1989 in Romania that marked the end of a Communist dictatorship. The title, which alludes to a Romania of the past, a Romania populated with forests and horseman warriors, simultaneously evokes the surreal nature, the euphoria, and the devastation of a revolution.. The play puts a human face on the turning point of a people and of a nation – two families under scrutiny from the secret police, one rich, one poor. Blending stark realism and uneasy fantasy, Churchill achieves a look into the belly of the revolutionary beast as the characters succumb to and rebel against the shifting realities of a world in transition.

With a stark and simple set by Matt Saunders, costumes by Laila Swanson and lighting by James P. Murphy, and sound by Liz Atkinson, director Alex Torra takes the ensemble cast of eleven (Sarah Branch, Rex Chang, Avni Fatehpuria, Makayla Portley, Htet Win, Nina Serbedzija, Kate Wiseman, Katy Montoya, Jaime Maseda, Thomas Butler and Oliva Jorgenson) on a supple journey into the tumultuous times of the late 80s in Bucharest.

LPAC Pearson-Hall Theater (Mainstage)

November 14 - 16, 2014

“Mad Forest” was presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

Katy Montoya '15 and Makayla Portley '18. Photo by Steve Weinik.

The families celebrate. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Photo by Photo by Steve Weinik.

Katy Montoya '15 and Makayla Portley '18. Photo by Steve Weinik.

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