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Let's Talk About Racism.

The Swarthmore College Theater Department has been deeply moved by the current  call to end the pervasive, ongoing and systemic impacts of white supremacy. We can’t say anything here that hasn’t already been said by those who have been fighting against anti-Black racism for centuries, but we can publicly declare our support for the Black Lives Matter movement. As many are doing, we are taking stock and questioning how we can become more effective agents of anti-racism in our own lives, in our work here in the Swarthmore Theater Department, and in the larger field of American theater. 

While some of this  work may be happening in our individual classrooms and projects, the department as a whole has never before made an organized and intentional commitment to doing this work together. That is the change we are making now. The process will not be finite, but rather an ongoing commitment to honest reflection, evaluation, and action. 

We are aware that this is our work to undertake. However, if there are experiences you feel moved to share, suggestions for actions we might take, or things you’d like us to consider as we begin this work, we would be humbly grateful for your feedback.

Here is a link to an anonymous survey. If there’s anything you’d like to let us know about your lived experience, anything you feel inspired to call us in on, or anything you’d like to offer to us as we begin this collective journey, we would be deeply grateful for your time, energy and honesty. There’s no obligation to respond. Please know that we will undertake this work regardless, and that we will let you know our plans and action steps as we commit to them. 

Thank you to those who reached out to request that this line of communication be opened. We are grateful for your initiative. 

Yours Truly, 
The Faculty and Staff of the Swarthmore College Department of Theater 

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