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Let's Play It That Way

Night of Scenes | December 16-17, 2020

A light-skinned person with short hair and glasses wearing a suit jacket and sitting in front of a bookshelf looking to the right. A small inset image shows the same person from another angle.

Quincy Ponvert ‘22 in "Ohio Impromptu" directed by Josie Ross '21

LET'S PLAY IS THAT WAY is the fruit of a laboratory exploration by the students of Directing I (THEA 015) and Sound Design (THEA 04E) of the plays of Samuel Beckett. An ensemble of fifteen directors, actors, and sound designers have come together to make this short program of adaptations for radio and Zoom. Diving deep into the combination of Beckett's unique stage poetry and the soundscapes that can combine with it, the artists sought the balance of the comic with the tragic that makes these works fly. Beckett's claustrophobic farces have never felt closer than right now.

Directing Workshop Faculty: Allen Kuharski
Sound Design Faculty & Sound Technician: Elizabeth Atkinson

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Show Program

► Endgame, by Samuel Beckett (excerpt, adapted for radio)
Directed by Amaechi Abuah ‘21
Sound Design by Nya Kuziwa ‘22

Clov: Temba Mateke ‘21
Hamm: Ari Liloia ‘21
Nagg: Shail Modi ‘21
Nell: Liv Elmore ‘21

Ohio Impromptu, by Samuel Beckett (adapted for Zoom) 
Directed by Josephine Ross ‘21
Sound Design:  Neil Steinglass ‘23

Reader/Listener: Quincy Ponvert ‘22

Waiting for Godot, by Samuel Beckett (excerpt, adapted for radio)
Directed by Rohan Hejmadi ‘21
Sound Design: Elizabeth Atkinson

Vladimir: Jamail Khan ‘21
Estragon:  Gidon Kaminer ‘22 
Pozzo:  Adelyn Klingbeil ‘24
Lucky: Daniel Oakes ‘24

Poster Design by Sam Thuman 

Let's Play It That Way Poster

An illustration of an open red mouth and red ears with a blue "play" symbol on the tongue, against a dark grey background, with the text "Swarthmore College Department of Theater Presents LET'S PLAY IT THAT WAY"