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Jonathan Hart Makwaia

Visiting Instructor (part time)
Office: LPAC 13
Phone: 610.957.6065



1989 to present
Composer, Musical Director, Performer, based in New York City
(for performances see attached list)

1975 to 1989
Musical Director, Composer and Performer for the Roy Hart Theatre of France
Notable productions:
Pagliacci (OBIE Award, New York City)
Kaspar (Charles Dullin Prize - Villejuif, Paris)
Moby Dick (Jean Vilar Prize - Montpellier, France)
De Vive Voix (chosen by the Ministry of Culture to represent France on tour in South America)


1989 to present
Voice Instuctor, Experimental Theater Wing , Undergraduate Drama, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
Teaching second year, transfer, and upper level students Roy Hart (and other) experimental vocal techniques and their application to performance through singing, text exploration, and vocal improvisation.

1994 to present
Trinity-LaMama Performing Arts Program, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut.
An intensive semester-in-the-city residency for college students of the performing arts organized by Trinity College in collaboration with LaMama, Experimental Theatre Club.

2001: Columbia University, graduate theater vocal coaching, March-May

2000: American Conservatory Theatre (San Francisco), graduate theater vocal workshop, January.

1992: University of Delaware, graduate theater vocal workshop, September

1987: Ohio State University, vocal workshop for actors, October

1985: Yale University, vocal workshop, February

1978 to present
Roy Hart Theatre teacher leading workshops and seminars on voice, voice and performance, voice as a musical instrument and voice in contemporary music in the U.S., France, England, Holland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Tanzania, the former Yugoslavia, and Israel.

1996 to present
Instructor for an ongoing group of voice teachers and performers in
Hannover, Germany. Workshop meets annually.

1990 to present
Instructor for an ongoing group of voice teachers and performers in
Amsterdam, Holland. Workshop meets annually

1986 to present
Teacher for ongoing groups of voice teachers and performers in Vicenza and Verona, Italy. Workshops annually.

1978 to present
Private Voice Teacher. Long-term students include two-time Grammy Award winner Rosanne Cash. Other New York students have included Joan MacIntosh, Joseph Chaikin, Jean-Claude van Itallie, David Cale, and Uma Thurman.


1998 The Wild Is Rising,, CD recorded at Livewire Studios New York City.

1987 Libera Me, LP produced by Lia Modugno Records


1974 to 1984
Vocal Instructors: Roy Hart, Vivienne Young, Richard Armstrong, Diane Palmer. The Roy Hart Theatre, London, England and Château de Malérargues, Anduze, France.

1968 to 1974
Piano and Composition; Pauline Palmer, London.

1966 to 67
Piano; Roger Tickner, London.