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INNOCENCE / Unschuld

Senior Company 2008


November 9, 2007-The Department of Theater at Swarthmore College presents the North American premier of contemporary German playwright Dea Loher's 2003 play INNOCENCE on the weekend of December 7-9, 2007, in the Frear Ensemble Theater in the Lang Performing Arts Center (LPAC). The production uses David Tushingham's translation of Loher's play. The performances will take place at 8:30 pm Friday & Saturday, December 7 & 8, and at 3 pm on Saturday & Sunday, December 8 & 9.

The production is directed by Joseph Borkowski '08 and Lauren Dubowski '08, both advanced directing students in the Department of Theater. Lighting design is by Matthew Armstead '08; sound design is by Dan Perelstein '09; and costume and set designs are by guest designer Laila Swanson. The faculty advisor for the production is Prof. Allen Kuharski, chair of the Department of Theater.

The cast for the production includes advanced acting students Sarah Choi '08, Stephanie Duncan '08, Giannina Esquivel '08, Anne Kolker '08, Rachel Sugar '08, and Joanna Wright '08, as well as Joshua Cohen '09, Jesse Gottschalk '09, and Stephen Graf '09. Filling out the cast as a guest artist is Benjamin Camp '05, a recent graduate of the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA). Marissa Roque '10 is the stage manager for the production.

Dea Loher is one of the leading young playwrights of the contemporary German stage, and her plays are increasingly produced internationally, as well. She was a student of the acclaimed playwright Heiner Müller, who served at the end of his life as the artistic director of the historic Berliner Ensemble, founded by Bertolt Brecht. INNOCENCE follows the tragicomic intersections of the lives of a set of contemporary characters, including a blind erotic dancer, two illegal African immigrants who unwittingly witness the suicide of a young woman, and a frustrated female philosopher determined to prove her thesis on the "unreliability" of our experience and understanding of the world. Loher's subtly poetic play creates a cast of vivid characters that repeatedly discover mystery at the heart of their seemingly mundane lives.

The performances are all free and open to the public without advance reservations. Each performance will be followed by a reception in Frear lobby with the cast and company. For further information about the production, contact Liza Clark at 610-328-8260 or email

Location: Frear Ensemble Theatre
Dates: December 7, 2007 - December 9, 2007
Times: Friday, December 7, 8:30 pm Saturday, December 8, 3 pm & 8:30 pm Sunday, December 9, 3 pm

Giannina Esquivel '08 (Rose), Rachel Sugar '08 (Frau Fuller), and Jesse Gottschalk '09 (Francis). Photo by Steve Weinik.

Sarah Choi '09 (Frau Sugar), Giannina Esquivel '08 (Rose) and ensemble. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Stephanie Duncan '08 (Absolute) and Stephen Graf '09 (Elisio). Photo by Steve Weinik.

Rachel Sugar '08 (Frau Fuller), Sarah Choi '09 (Frau Sugar), Stephanie Duncan '08 (Absolute) and Josh Cohen '09 (Fadoul). Photo by Steve Weinik.

Final silhouettes of the ensemble. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Giannina Esquivel '08 (Rose), Rachel Sugar '08 (Frau Fuller), and Jesse Gottschalk '09 (Francis). Photo by Steve Weinik.

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