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I Want a Baby

Production Ensemble 2002

I Want a Baby

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Pearson-Hall Theatre


April 12, 2002 - April 14, 2002

By Sergei Tretyakov, translated by Stephen Holland, edited by Robert Leach. Adapted by Junior Company. Directed by Ulla Neuerburg-Denzer. Scenography by William Marshall. Composer and musical director: Ralph Denzer. Assistant director: Jessica Nakamura. Dramaturgs: Jessica Nakamura and Elizabeth Nolte. Assistant designers: costume and make-up: Erica Cartmill; set and props: Eileen Estes; lighting and projections: Kate Nelson-Lee. Additional coaching by Roger Babb. Stage manager: Guy LeBas.

Featuring: Hunter Wells, Maria Alvarez, Elizabeth Zimmerman, Elisa Matula, Emine Fisek, Keetje Kuipers, Lashanna Lawler, Elizabeth Nolte, Petar Lazarevic, Felicia Leicht, Rebecca Ennen, Audrey Pernell, Kate Hurster, Adrienne Mackey, Dale Mezzacappa, and Erica Cartmill.