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God's Pottery


April 4, 2006 - September 5, 2006

Wilson Hall '95 and Krister Johnson'95 collaborated in order to create their original comedic guitar duo, God's Pottery. Their work has been acclaimed both in the United States and internationally. Hall and Johnson performed their act to astounded audiences in Philadelphia at Pig Iron Theatre Company's benefit show, The Bay of Pigs. They were featured at Comedy Central's Invite them Up, a live performance event showcasing both established and rising talents. Wilson and Johnson have recorded a CD and DVD of their performances with Comedy Central, which are available at major record stores. They will also be featured on Comedy Central's new "Motherload" channel, which uses the Internet to broadcast regularly scheduled programming. They recently performed on the British television show, The World Stands Up, a program dedicated to attracting and showcasing comedic performers from around the world.