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The End: A Queer Reckoning (Acting Capstone)


The End: A Queer Reckoning
a cabaret by Wesley Han and Oliver Lipton
Directed by John Jarboe
Music directed by Pax Ressler

​Lights by Yoshi Nomifura '18
Costumes by Max Brown
Set by Michael Lambui
presented by the Department of Theater

And by "the apocalypse," we’re actually referring to the metaphorical end of the world as we know it: graduation. Join complex and multi-dimensional non-binary Korean-American with remarkable charm and theatrical ability, Wesley Han, (and a straight white guy) on a queer cabaret extravaganza as they wallow in their existential dread and ponder what it means to be spat out by a cheerfully hypocritical institution – like Swat – into a world that is cold, brutal, harsh, unforgiving, merciless, hostile, uncaring, volatile, inhospitable, untamable, and wow – really just couldn’t give less of a sh*t about you. Expect food and drink, fabulous outfits, and the most f*cking eclectic mixtape of songs you’ve ever heard.