Honors Acting Capstone

DUBLIN BY LAMPLIGHT is a story of national identity, heroism, and goof. Set in Dublin during 1904 at the grand opening of the Irish National Theatre of Ireland. But wait, the the King of England is in town for a visit! Amidst the squalor and the muck, the pomp and circumstance, an intrepid six-person ensemble plays 33 different characters to tell the fictional….and not so fictional…story of rebels, divas, dandies, and duds. A unique blend of classic melodrama and commedia dell’ arte and the Irish struggle for independence from the British crown.

Written by Michael West
Directed by Alex Torra [DBLFINAL]
Stage Managed by Swift Shuker

Cosmo Alto, Amelia Dornbush, Tyler Elliott, Michelle Johnson, Jameson Lisak, and Joshua McLucas

Costume and Makeup Design: Laila Swanson
Light Design: Amanda Jensen