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Directing II NOS Spring 2012

Directing II NOS Spring 2012


a double bill of final projects from the Advanced Directing Workshop(Directing II, THEA 055)

Directing II Faculty: Allen Kuharski

Lighting Designer: Evelyn Wightman '15

Stage Manager: Sarah Kaeppel '15

Scenes directed by Regina Noto '12

Algernon: Maddie Charne '14
Jack/Ernest: Jocelyn Pawley '15
Gwendolyn: Sarah Chasins '12
Lady Bracknell: Holly Kinnamont '12
Lane: Alexandra Huber-Weiss '13

Special thanks to Hans Boman.


THE CINDERELLA PROJECT(ION), a performance piece by Meryl Sands '13
co-produced with Integrated Media Design for Live Performance (THEA 004D), taught by Matt Saunders

Ensemble: Patrick Ross '15 & Elliot Weiser '13