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Directing I NOS Fall 2013

The Department of Theater's Directors' Lab (THEA 035)
with Lighting Design (THEA 004B)

Directors' Lab Faculty: Allen Kuharski
Lighting Design Faculty: Jim Murphy
Sound Designer: Adriano Shaplin
Stage Manager: Anna Russell HC ‘14

Scenes directed by Tyler Elliott ‘15
Lighting Design by Jim Murphy


John Williamson: Tyler Elliott ‘15
Richard Roma: Julie Harris ‘17
Dave Moss: Raphaela Luzi Stoutland ‘17
Shelly Levene: Allison Hrabar ‘16

Scenes directed by Patrick Ross ‘15
Lighting Design by: Terry Yu ‘17

Cast (in order of appearance):

Queen Elizabeth II: Michelle Johnson '16
The Equerry: Simon Bloch '17
Winston Churchill: Andrew Gilchrist-Scott '16
John Major: Andrew Gilchrist-Scott '16
Anthony Eden: Andrew Gilchrist-Scott '16
Margaret Thatcher: Michaela Shuchman '16
David Cameron: Andrew Gilchrist-Scott '16

Special thanks to Tara Webb and Madeline Charne.

15-minute intermission

Scenes directed by Elliot Weiser ‘14
Lighting Design by: Randall Doyle '16 & Jonghee Quispe ‘14


Andrew Wyke: Stefan Tuomanen Masure ‘15
Milo Tindle: Jeffrey Moore ‘15