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Directing I NOS Fall 2012

The Department of Theater's

Directing I Workshop and Lighting Design


A Night of Scenes 2012

Stage Manager: Patrick Ross


Scenes directed by Anna Russell HC '14

Lighting Design by Noah Weinthal '15

Catherine: Katy Montoya '15

Hal: Zachary Martin '13

Scenes directed by Marta Roncada '14

Lighting Design by Tess Amram '15

Bob: Ben "Books" Schwartz '13

Maureen: Allison Habar '16

Scenes directed by Joshua McLucas '15

Lighting Design by Jalisa Roberts '13

Boy: Aaron Matis '16

Girl: Michelle Johnson '16

Scenes directed by Katie Goldman '14

Lighting Design by Tess Amram '15, Lauren Barlow '15,

Jalisa Roberts '15 and Noah Weinthal '15

Thomas: Louis Laine '16

Emma: Sophie Miller '16

Scenes directed by Sam Swift Shuker-Haines '14

Lighting Design by Lauren Barlow '15

Mae: Hannah Grunwald '14

Lloyd: Brent Stanfield '14