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Directing I: Night of Scenes '01

Directing I: Night of Scenes '01

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Frear Ensemble Theatre


December 12, 2001 - December 13, 2001

The Department of Theater presents a night of scenes by the students of Directing I, the Directing Workshop (THEA 035).

  • Scenes directed by Carlos Duque. Featuring Melinda Lee, Juliet Lashinsky-Revene, and Jason Skonieczny.
  • Scenes directed by Jessica Nakamura. Featuring Sam Dingman, Hannah Harvester, and Melanie Hirsch.
  • Scenes directed by Hillary Dresser. Featuring Alejandro Acevedo Ali and Audrey Pernell.
  • Scenes directed by Kate Nelson-Lee. Featuring Rachel Best and Adrienne Mackey.