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Costume Shop Guidelines

The Shop space is a shared area designated to support many activities throughout the semester.

Please take 20 minutes before the end of your workday to CLEAN UP after yourself!
Unsupervised access is by SPECIAL PERMISSION only.
General Shop hours and Shop Assistant availability are posted outside the Shop door.

You will be fined $25 for lost items, $50 for damaged items, and $100 for items that are cut, dyed, or altered without permission from the shop. You will also be charged for drycleaning fees and a flat fine of $25 for any items returned to the shop dirty or in need of cleaning. ONLY shop staff may check out costumes.

1. Any costume item that has been worn or used for more than a try-on or fitting (ie. longer than 15-30 minutes, for rehearsal or performance) MUST BE WASHED AND DRIED and returned to Stock Closets.  Once you check out items from the shop, you are responsible for their care including CLEANING! PLEASE INCLUDE DRYCLEANING EXPENSES IN YOUR BUDGET as you are responsible for drycleaning dropoff, pickup and payment(We have a special drycleaning discount at a local business. Please ask for more info!) 

2. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. Please take time to clear the tables and tidy the space when you are done with your projects.

3. Pulled costumes and accessories, not used, MUST BE FILED BACK TO THE PROPER PLACE IN STOCK CLOSETS AND BINS. (We don't have a ninja crew to magically clean things up every night, even though we wish we did.)

4. Please use the stepladder for anything you cannot reach. It is a simple safety and liability issue.

5. NO FOOD OR DRINK IN THE SHOP, especially on the tables (water is okay, crumbs are not).

6. Please do not use the laundry machines without permission.

7. Sewing equipment should be dusted off and re-covered after EVERY use and the sewing tables, ironing boards, and floor should be cleared of pins, thread and remnants. Please do not use the Singer or the Juki machines for your projects as those are expensive machines for Faculty and Shop Manager use ONLY.

8. Iron must be UNPLUGGED before leaving. The green switch on the wall turns off the outlets.

9. Floors must swept and clear of debris.

10. Work tables should be cleared of projects and brushed clean.

11. Spray painting and spray dying must be DONE OUTSIDE OR IN A VENTILATED AREA. If using Shop dummies, please cover the bodies with plastic garbage bags (available in Shop supplies) as they are expensive items to replace and valuable to the function of the Shop.

12. Painting of crafts or costumes must be executed with care for the space. Craft paper is available to cover surfaces for this purpose. SPRAY PAINTING MUST BE DONE IN A VENTILATED AREA, NEVER IN THE SHOP.

13. Dyeing should only be executed in the designated washing machine. Please run a wash with bleach after you are done and clean up your containers, any spills in the sinks or on the floor, etc. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!

14. The shop telephone should be used for LOCAL CALLS only. Be aware that the Theatre Department holds the transcript of all phone calls made from the line and you will receive notice if you use the phone for long distance dialing.

15. Please recognize the Costume Shop is a drug and alcohol free zone and off-limits to all persons not considered production staff. All activity in the shop is monitored by LPAC staff during normal operating hours and by campus Security in the event you are working past 10PM.

Using the Shop is a privilege and should you choose not to follow these guidelines, your access will be terminated immediately.