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Changing in Public

Changing in Public
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The Department of Theater presents an evening of original collective creations by the students of Directing II, the Advanced Directing Workshop (THEA 055).

Good Country People

Based on the short story by Flannery O'Connor. Directed by Lesley Tsina. Featuring Leigh Anderson, Kate Atkins, Elana Olitsky, and Theron Schmidt. Lighting design by Jove Graham and Anita Pedraza.

Lovely Anxiety

Inspired by case studies in abnormal psychology. Directed by Robert Dull. Featuring Demetrios Bonaros, Brantley Bryant, Andrea Johnson, and Anne McCasland-Pexton. Lighting design by Leigh Anderson and Robert Dull.

Peacemaking Among Primates

Inspired by the book by Frans de Waal. Directed by Morgan Phillips. Featuring Philip Ryan, Alex Stimmel, and Jason Zengerle. Lighting design by Alexis Gander and Kara Herzog.

Project Baby X

Based on "X" by Lois Gould, "Love Problem" by Matthew Stadler, and "Bizarro" by Christina Sunley. Directed by Solveig Holum. Featuring Octavio Gonzales, Jerusha Klemperer, and Delila Leber. Lighting design by Erika Johansen and Kimon Keramidas.

Some Things Explained

Adapted from "Luchin" by Victor Jara, "I explain certain things" by Pablo Neruda, "I'll be your horse in the night" by Luisa Valenzuela, and the last words of Salvador Allende. Directed by Martin Carrillo. Featuring Sita Marie Andrea Frederick and Benjamin Rutter. Lighting design by Timothy Bragg and Joel Schultz.

Location: Frear Ensemble Theatre
Dates: May 4, 1996 - May 5, 1996