Senior Company 2016

The Senior Company 2016 presented Wallace Shawn’s AUNT DAN AND LEMON in December 2015.

There’s something inside us that likes to kill…Welcome to the mind of Lemon, a reclusive young woman with an unspecified chronic illness, who sits in her apartment reading books and reliving her life story from inside her head. As she struggles to contemplate a world that thrives on genocide, she regales us with tales and memories of Aunt Dan, who applies Kissinger’s doctrine of ‘realpolitik’ to her private life – a life where all relationships are complex power games played out through an amoral, ruthless filter. Are you comfortable? Sit down. Odds are, there’s blood on your hands. Co-directed by Aaron Matis and Eileen Hou. Performed by Derek Graves, Chris Malafronti, Lila Weitzner, Max Marckel, Michelle Johnson, Madeleine Pattis, and Michaela Shuchman. Set by Emma Kates-Shaw, Lights by Amanda Jensen, Sound by Elizabeth Atkinson, Costumes by Rebecca Kanach.