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Angels in America: Millennium Approaches

Poster for the event, with an image of the Statue of Liberty holding hands with a ghostly presence above.
Poster by Liya Chang '24

This ambitious project was an Honors Directing thesis for Jules Kyung Lee-Zacheis '24, and featured exciting work from many of our theater students both onstage and off. Lee-Zacheis was interested in what it means to perform this play about the AIDS crisis of the 1980s in this current moment, and how the legacy of queer history impacts queer young people of today. Writing in the program, she explains, "The cast and much of the creative team are, like me, all born in the new millennium to which the play alludes. I think that's a lot of what interests me about this project, the ways we relate to this story as people who live in its future." The team was supported by professional dramaturg AZ Espinoza in considering what it means to revisit this script in 2024 and understand the cultural context of the setting. 

Director - Jules Kyung '24

Stage Manager - Sydny Hansen

Assistant Stage Manager - Montana Hamel '26

Costume Designer: Leigh Paradise

Sound Designer- Yihui Wu '25

Lighting Designer - Griffin Moore '26

Scenic and Props Designer: Shreya Patel '25

Dramaturg- AZ Espinoza 

Intimacy Director- Colleen Hughes 


Roy Cohn - Daniel Oakes '24

Joe - Leo R.S. '25

Harper - Eva Murillo '26

Louis - Lizzie Culp '26

Prior - Sigrid Lokensgard '25

Hannah - Annie Hauze '27

Belize - Martín Villagra-Riquelme '25

Angel - Kana Nagata '26


Kana wearing large angels wings, towering over the cast

Kana Nagata '26 as the Angel.

Photo by Shreya Patel '25
Sigrid, wearing lipstick and a red velvet robe, holds out a bouquet of flowers

Sigrid Lokensgard '25 as Prior and Eva Murillo '26 as Harper.

Photo by Shreya Patel '25
Eva crouches on the ground, looking afraid

Eva Murillo '26 as Harper 

Photo by Shreya Patel '25
Daniel clutches Leo's coat lapel, looking frenzied

Daniel Oakes '24 as Roy Cohn with Leo R.S. as Joe

Photo by Shreya Patel '25
Martin shows a book to Eva

Martín Villagra-Riquelme '25 and Eva Murillo '26.

Photo by Shreya Patel '25
Lizzie cradles Sigrid while reading a book aloud

Lizzie Culp '26 as Louis and Sigrid Lokensgard '25 as Prior, with Eva Murillo '26 as Harper in the background.

Photo by Shreya Patel '25
Leo cradles Lizzie's face

Lizzie Culp '26 as Louis and Leo R.S. as Joe.

Photo by Shreya Patel '25
Daniel screams into the phone

Daniel Oakes '24 as Roy Cohn.

Photo by Shreya Patel '25
Kana walks away from Annie in disgust

Annie Hauze '27 and Kana Nagata '26.

Photo by Shreya Patel '25
Martin lifts their arms victoriously as Lizzie laughs.

Martín Villagra-Riquelme '25 as Belize and Lizzie Culp '26 as Louis. 

Photo by Shreya Patel '25
Kana wears angel wings and holds a sword in the catwalk of the theater

Kana Nagata '26 as the Angel, in the catwalk of the Frear. 

Photo by Shreya Patel '25

Kana Nagata '26 as the Angel.

Photo / Shreya Patel '25
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