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Production Ensemble 2013

The Department of Theater and the Fall 2013 Production Ensemble presented a mid-November wander through the woods with this beautiful, wintery version of William Shakespeare's A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM. 

In one night in the magical Athenian forest, lovers, fairies, and theater kids met, loved, danced, and dreamed together.  They cozied up in a tent with friends, blankets, and twinkling lights, and watched the story unfold under the moon and stars. Directed by K. Elizabeth Stevens with Set Design by Matt Saunders, Costume Design by Laila Swanson, Lighting Design by James Murphy and Sound Design by Scott Burgess.  With Christina Aruffo, Simon Bloch, Damella Dotan, Andrew Gilchrist-Scott, Cooper Harrington-Fei, Danica Harvey, Eileen Hou, Chuck Jiang, MIchelle Johnson, Jameson Lisak, Rosie McInnes, Sophie Miller, Darbus Oldham, Sasha Rojavin, Patrick Ross & Michaela Shuchman. Stage Managed by Marta Roncada and Grant Torre. Dramaturgy by Madeline Charne, Music Directed by Jonghee Quispe, Choreography by Christina Zani.

Cooper Harrington-Fei '17, Michaela Shuchman '16. Photo by Steve Weinik.

The lovers awake from their night in the woods. Photo by Steve Weinik.

The tent. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Sophie Miller '16. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Danica Harvey '15, Alexander Rojavin '15. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Cooper Harrington-Fei '17, Michaela Shuchman '16. Photo by Steve Weinik.

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