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2015 SPT Participants

SPT 2015 saw rehearsals for Pig Iron Theater Company's latest spectacle, I Promised Myself to Live Faster, which follows the adventures of Tim, an earthling trolling for a good time who falls through a portal to outer space where he is thrust in the middle of the Battle for the Holy Gay Flame. On the one side: a planet of kindly nuns dedicated to virgin birthing of Homosexuals. On the other: the straightest planet in the known universe, Argoshaunia. Watch an evil Bishop enlist the hapless Tim to help win the race to find the Flame. If the Flame goes out, it spells the end of Homosexuals, everywhere. Will Tim retrieve the Flame in time to save Homosexuals and restore the balance of power in the universe?

Inspired by the life and works of theater legend Charles Ludlam, and building on the Obie Award winning Pig Iron Theatre Company’s love of stylistic collisions and unusual anti-heroes. Conceived by Dito van Reigersberg '94; text by playwright Greg Moss; directed by Dan Rothenberg '95; featuring Mikeah Jennings, Jenn Kidwell, Dito Van Reigersberg '94, Michele Tauber, and Mary McCool.

The Frear also supported rehearsals of the [redacted] Theater Company's latest work, This Damned Body. 

2014 SPT Participants