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2011 SPT


Chimera in Workshop, Culturemart, HERE Arts Center, NYC

2011 participants in The Swarthmore Project in Theater include multimedia experiments from Suli Holum '97 and Deborah Stein '99 with their project Chimera and Nichole Canuso Dance Company with their performance TAKES.

Chimera's co-creators Deborah and Suli have launched a highly theatrical exploration of medical chimerism—the phenomenon of containing two different sets of DNA within one body—in order to explore what happens when technology shatters our ideas of who we think we are. The production includes James Sugg (Pig Iron Theater Company) with sound design and Tara Webb '94 with costume design. Suli and Deborah are currently artists-in-residence at HERE Arts Center in New York.

TAKES was conceived by choreographer Nichole Canuso and Multimedia director Lars Jan '00 and immerses you in a shimmering world where live action and lost moments intersect. Barely separated from the audience by the thin membrane of a room size projection box, the audience is free to wander and shift perspective around the installation. Canuso performs alongside Dito Van Reigersberg '94 (Pig Iron Theater Company) in this panoramic marriage of choreography and live film. Other collaborators include Michael Kiley, Sound Design/Composition; Pablo Molina, Custom Software Designer; Maiko Matsushima, Costume and Object Design; and Sarah Chandler, Production Manager.

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