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Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

It is beyond dispute that the effects of systematic racism affect the lives of many in our nation and world.  The events of the past months have demonstrated that we must join with those who are working to ensure an anti-racist present and future;  as part of an institution that has a past rooted in discrimination we have a particular obligation to examine our practices and policies, and to be active participants in transformation of our department.

Like many, we are heeding the call to critically examine our roles as educators, researchers, and mentors.  Blacks and other non-white groups continue to be under-represented in Chemistry at all levels of education and professional life nationally.   As educators it is our responsibility to make sure that all students feel welcome, included, encouraged, and valued.  Collectively, we believe we can do more to meet this responsibility.  While some of our faculty and staff have independently made efforts to promote inclusion, our department as a whole has never before made an organized and intentional commitment to doing this work together.  That is the change we are making now.

During the upcoming academic year our department will meet to develop a diversity and inclusion plan.  We will report on our progress and actionable plans in June 2021.  A critical part of the comprehensive examination of our curriculum and departmental culture is an invitation to students to fill out out a feedback form where they can reflect on their lived experiences in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department. 

Faculty and Staff of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry