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Department Alumni

Graduates from our Department have succeeded in a range of careers including academia, medicine, chemical industry, law, finance and teaching.  Notably 83% of the department’s majors between 2005-2014 have either earned a graduate degree or are enrolled in a graduate program.

Ph.D. programs our graduates have attended include Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Princeton,
UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Chicago.

Many of our graduates have earned prestigious fellowships (NSF, Fulbright, Rhodes, HHMI, NASA) to pursue postgraduate work.

A number of our graduates are currently professors at colleges and universities including Cornell (Lara Estroff ’97), Pomona (Jane Liu ’00), Mount Holyoke (Katie Berry '05, Kyle Broaders ’06), Penn State (Miriam Freeman ’00), Bryn Mawr (Jonus Goldsmith ’96), Michigan State (David Weliky ’85), University of Alaska Fairbanks (Bill Simpson ’88), MIT (William Green ‘83) and University of Tennessee Knoxville (Karen Llloyd, ’00).

Medical schools our recent graduates have attended include Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, and UC San Diego.  A number of students have also entered MD-PhD programs, including Harvard/MIT, Albert Einstein, University of Massachusetts and University of Maryland.

Of particular note are the leadership roles our chemistry graduates have taken on.  Just a few examples include:

President of Kenyon College (Sean Decatur ‘90)

Director, National Institute of General Medical Sciences, NIH (Jon Lorsch ‘90)

Director of Medicinal Chemistry at Merck (John McCauley ’91)

Principal, Synergy Partners, (Emily Levy ’80)

Chief Scientist, Eastgate Systems, Inc., (Mark Bernstein ’77)

Former President of Caltech (and 1975 Nobel Laureate) (David Baltimore ’60)

Former President of the Carnegie Foundation (Maxine Singer ’52)