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Alumni Story: Christopher Fecko ’98

Christopher J Fecko, '98
Christopher J. Fecko, ’98, named as a Program Manager for the Solar Photochemistry Program, with the U.S. Department of Energy.
Christopher Fecko majored in Chemistry and Physics at Swarthmore and graduated in 1998 With High Honors. He completed a senior thesis under the direction of Tom Stephenson, who is currently the Provost at Swarthmore College. Upon his graduation from Swarthmore, he completed his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2004. He did his postdoctoral research in biophysics at Cornell University and prior to joining the DOE in 2013, Dr. Fecko was a faculty member in the Chemistry Department of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He returned to the College in 2011 to serve as an Honors Examiner. For more information about Dr. Fecko's career after he graduated from Swarthmore, see the DOE website.