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2014 Sigma Xi Poster Session

Sigma Xi Poster Session 9/2014

Students that did research over summer 2014 at Swarthmore or other academic institutions and industries presented their research at the annual Sigma Xi poster session, held Sept 19-20, 2014 in Eldridge Commons.

Peter Amadeo
:  "Revised Diastereoselective Approach to Bis-­‐Spiroketals Using Sulfinyl Iron(0) Diene Complexes"
Sooyun Choi:  "Spectroscopic and computational studies of vinylanisole isomers"
Shenstone Huang:  "Structural Studies of Influenza A M2 Full-­‐Length Protein"
Weite Liu:  "Synthesis and characterization of organometallic tungsten and molybdenum complexes as electrocatalysts"
Martin Mathay:  "Optimization of the extraction of myclobutanil from solid samples by HPLC"
Julia Murphy:  "Diastereoselective Synthesis Directed by Planar Iron(0) Tricarbonyl Diene Complexes"
Raundi Quevedo:  "Electrode Functionalization via Nucleophilic Substitution and Alkyl Radicals"
Melissa Trofa:  "Physical properties and structural preferences of isoeugenol: a computational study"

Julia Murphy '15 and Prof. Paul Rablen

Julia Murphy '15 and Prof. Paul Rablen

Audrey Allen:   'Crystallization of two catalytically inactive mutants of the AI-­‐2 processing protein, LsrF"
Supriya Davis:  "Investigation of the GQ binding, stabilization, and selectivity of macrocyclic ligands"
Bryan Green:  "Site Directed Spin Labeling Structural EPR Studies of Full Length Influenza A M2 Protein"
Jason Hua:  "The 1.43 Ã… X-­‐ray crystal structure of the Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans Ribose Binding Protein (RbsB)"
Joo Hyun June Lee:  "Study of TCP and ZnTCP's stabilizing interaction with human telomeric DNA"
Josh Turek-­‐Herman:  "Polypyridyl Ru complexes as G-­‐quadruplex DNA ligands"

Raundi Quevedo '16 and Josh Turek-Herman '16 standing in front of their project poster

Raundi Quevedo '16 and Josh Turek-Herman '16