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Student Groups

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All organizations work interdependently along with the BCC to provide support to their members and education to the larger campus.

Student Groups


Label: Swarthmore African-American Student Society

The Swarthmore African-American Student Society provides support for its members primarily through political and community building activities. The major goals of the organization are to increase the number of Black students, faculty and staff; infuse a greater Black perspective into the curriculum; improve the quality of life for Black students on campus; advocate for the advancement of Black people outside of Swarthmore; and to maintain a strong supportive Black community.


Label: Swarthmore African Student Association

The Swarthmore African Student Association is a support group formed to address issues affecting the lives of Continental African students at Swarthmore. Part of SASA's mission is to enrich the experiences of the general community by fostering a deeper awareness of issues about Africa.


Label: Students Of Caribbean Ancestry

Students Of Caribbean Ancestry provides a support community for Swarthmore students who have lived in, or have families from or have strong interests in the Caribbean. The organization provides its diverse membership with a sense of home and family while here at Swarthmore. It also allows students to learn from each other about one another's respective Caribbean roots and cultural experiences.

Gospel Choir

The Gospel Choir is another critical facet of the Swarthmore Black community. Founded by ten students in 1971, the Choir "serves as a spiritual uplift, a cultural identification, and a special outlet for Black students at Swarthmore." It performs periodically throughout the year. After graduating, former choir members are eligible for membership in the internationally acclaimed Swarthmore Alumni Gospel Choir.

National Society of Black Engineers

One of NSBE's (National Society of Black Engineers) 250 chapters is located at Swarthmore College. The mission of this organization is to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers (and non-engineers) who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.


Mjumbe, which means "messenger" in Swahili, is the literary magazine produced by students of African diaspora at Swarthmore College. The next issue of Mjumbe will feature a series of critical essays about the current condition of people of African diaspora.