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staff sitting on porch of bcc

The Center's staff counsels, advises, and assists students and their organizations, and provides consultative services to other campus staff and student organizations.  The Director and Program Coordinator oversee the day-to-day operations of the Center. The staff is always open to students needing sound advice and strong support.

BCC Staff

Karima Bouchenafa

Asst Dean & Director, Black Cultural Center

Dean's Office


  1. Phone: (610) 328-8455
  2. Black Cultural Center
Karima Bouchenafa

Simone Hayes - Walton

Program Coordinator to the Black Cultural Center

Black Cultural Center

Dean's Office


  1. Phone: (610) 328-8456
  2. Black Cultural Center 114
Simone Hayes

BCC Interns


Bereket (Bek) '25 (he/him)

Position: House Coordinator
Home: Ethiopia
Potential Major/Minor:
Computer Science/Peace and Conflict Studies
Other Involvement: Table Tennis, Foosball


Blaine '24 (she/her)

Position: House Coordinator
Home: Utah
Potential Major/Minor: Political Science/French
Other Involvement: Mock Trial, SASS, International Relations Club, and Women in Political Science Club


Chisom '25 (they/she)

Position: House Coordinator
Home: Los Angeles, California
Potential Major/Minor: Engineering, Computer Science
Other Involvement: Volleyball Team Manager, Garnet Singers/Chorus, SASS, SASA, SQU


Philippe '23 (he/him)

Position: Research Intern
Home: Cameroon
Major/Minor: Architectural
Studies/Art History and Black Studies
Other Involvement: Architecture Club, Art Galleries, Swat Cycle, Lang Scholar


Eliana '25 (she/her)

Position: Research Intern
Home: Washington State
Potential Major/Minor: Education, Black
Studies/Political Science
Other Involvement: SASS, SAME, NatroKnots, Literacy Tutor

Abdulahi '23 (he/him)

Position: Programming Intern
Home: Boston, Massachusetts
Major/Minor: Black Studies/ Education
Other Involvement: BLACK

Kylie '25 (she/her)

Position: Programming Intern
Home: Ghana
Major/Minor: Political Science/Psychology
Other Involvement: AJA

Fanuel '26 (he/him)

Position: House Coordinator
Home: Ethiopia
Potential Major/Minor: Computer Sciences
Other Involvement: Swat ESSA

Sarah '26 (she/her)

Position: Research Intern
Home: New York
Major/Minor: Statistics/Biology 
Other Involvement: SwatSkates, DMAX, BiMS, SHS

Tanisha '25

Position: House Coordinator
Home: New York
Major/Minor: English Literature/Journalism
Other Involvement: SOCA, WRC, IC, and RNM

Taylor '26 (she/her)

Position: Programming Intern
Home: Maryland
Potential Major/Minor: Linguistics/Education
Other Involvement: SASS, AJA, and SOCA

Immaculata '24

Position: House Coordinator
Home: Nigeria
Potential Major/Minor: Political Science/Psychology
Other Involvement: SASS 

Te'john '23 (he/him)

Position: Programming Intern
Home: Cleveland, Ohio
Potential Major/Minor: Economics/Political Science
Other Involvement: BLACK