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Annual Programs

2019 MLK Day of Service

The BCC sponsors a variety of activities geared toward supporting the developmental and social needs of Black students. Some of the Center's Activities include:

Welcome Back Events

  • First Year Orientation and Workshops

    The BCC conducts activities during the first month of the fall semester designed to welcome and familiarize Black students to the Swarthmore Community and the Black community.

  • Leadership Programs and Retreat
  • Kwanzaa Celebration

    This celebration of African American culture is one of the Black community's biggest and most anticipated events. This is the venue in which the Black community celebrates the culture and renews their commitment to its advancement.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

    The BCC, in conjunction with other campus offices, organizes the activities designed to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. King.

  • Black History Month Celebration

    The BCC, in conjunction with the various student organizations and the Black Studies department, sponsor a host of activities and programs designed to celebrate the contributions of the people of the African Diaspora.

  • Tri-College Black Love Formal


  • Senior Dinner and Awards Banquet

    This dinner is the largest and most special event. It is the moment during which the community reflects on its accomplishments, appreciates is contributors, and says good-by to its graduating students.

On-going Events

  • Project Blueprint

    a new and promising program that seeks to support and develop a seventh grade cohort at Smedley Middle School in Chester, Pennsylvania.

  • BCLI

    The Leadership Institutes, open to all students, are six-week workshops that are designed to provide insight into the culture and conditions of Africana people, to survey solutions to some of their dilemmas; and to explore implications for leadership in and among the Black Community, both in the US and world-wide.

  • Lunch Forum discussions

    during these forums lectures and presentations are given, and issues debated. Lunch is always provided.

  • Speakers, Lectures and Performances

    are scheduled throughout the academic year.

  • Gospel Choir Concerts

    are held in the fall and the spring semesters.

  • Special activities

    dinners, game nights, study parties and breaks.


Many collaborative efforts with other Centers, offices and departments across the campus occur each year.