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The Robert Savage Image Award

If you have taken pictures or videos as part of laboratory or field work, or in your treks around campus or other parts of he world, submit your best shots for a chance to win a cash prize and have your photo displayed in the hallowed halls of Martin!

Submitted images will be judged, and the winners will be announced at the Biology department picnic on Tuesday, May 7.

So take advantage of the amazing biological world around you- the laboratory, The Crum, Longwood, The Mütter- we look forward to seeing your pictures!

The top three images will be awarded from the Savage Fund. This endowed fund was established by students and colleagues to honor Professor Robert E. Savage, the first professor of Cell Biology at Swarthmore College. We're happy to be able to give this award, which is an especially nice match to Bob's interests in biology and the arts.

Previous years' submissions and winners can be found here.

To qualify, YOU MUST:

Submit only ONE image per student.

Have taken at least ONE Biology course at Swarthmore.

To qualify, your IMAGES must:

Include a caption- attach a few sentences of interesting information about the subject. If you have a photomicrograph, describe the microscopic technique (i.e., brightfield, confocal, etc.)

Be emailed to Matt Powell by Friday, 26 April, 9 AM. If you have a video and it is too large to submit via email or Google Docs, please contact Matt to make other arrangements.

Be submitted at the highest resolution possible. Images should have a resolution of at least 1800 x 1440 (there is no minimum resolution for video).

Be in landscape (wide as opposed to tall) images are highly preferred.

NOT include scale bars, no abbreviations in text, and movies must have a strong clear opening image that could be reproduced.

We anticipate using at least some of the images on our departmental website and to decorate the halls of Martin. Your submission of your work means that you will allow us to do this.

In Memory of Robert Savage

“Bob Savage’s philosophies on science and education and his sense of fun were a potent combination.”

In Memory of Robert Savage