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Research & Work Opportunities

Swarthmore students conduct research within classes and seminars, as independent projects for academic credit (Bio 94), and in paid research positions during the academic year and over the summer. Most students pursue research within the framework of a faculty member's area of expertise or interest.

Summer research stipends:

The College provides opportunities for students to perform research over the summer in the form of research stipends. Stipends ($4,800 for 2020) support ten week long, full time, paid research opportunities in the lab or the field. Students usually contact Swarthmore faculty toward the end the Fall semester or very early in the Spring Semester if they are interested in working in a Swarthmore lab during the summer. A limited number of stipends are available for research conducted during the summer at other institutions.

  • You can apply for apply for a NSE summer stipend to do research on or off campus with the support of a faculty mentor. Applications are due in early February.
  • If the research you want to participate in has a field-work component (the work takes place out-of-doors) you can also apply for a Biology Department Field Award. Applications are due in early March, but later applications are considered depending on funding availability.
  • Stipends for summer research at other institution are available through NSF funded REU programs. Application due dates are mostly in February and March.

Information about summer 2022 Biology research opportunities can be found here. Check out the information provided and make sure to talk to faculty members about your interests. 


Ashley Greaves '18 describes her summer work in the Jackson Laboratory