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Microscopy & Computing Facilities

Microscopy & Computing Facilities

Microscopy & Imaging

The microscopy facility complements the wide range of compound and dissecting microscopes found in labs throughout the department with a Zeiss Axio Observer and  Leica SP5 confocal microscopes. There are also many fluorescence and dissecting scopes which are equipped with CCD cameras. Students are trained to use this equipment in several courses and routinely use it for independent projects. Use the online confocal reservation calendar to sign up to use the confocal microscopes.


There are over sixty desktop and laptop computers available for students to use in the lab or field. Students also have access to a large format poster printer for use in submitting posters at national scientific meetings. The department is made up mainly of Macintosh computers, but most labs contain both PC and Macintosh. Most computers are on a four-year replacement cycle to ensure students have the most up-to-date systems available.

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Poster Design and Printing

The Biology Department has a dedicated large format printer capable of printing 36 and 44 inch scientific posters. Please contact Matt Powell (x8046) for assistance. The ITS department has a large-format printers available to students for non-biology related posters.

We recommend downloading one of our poster templates, which can be found on Google Docs. If using your own template, first adjust the size of the poster. Detailed instructions can be found on the poster printing instructions on Google Docs. Sigma Xi recommends 36 inches high by 48 inches wide.

PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign and Illustrator are available from the ITS downloads page.

Biology Shop

Students may access the shop with a Bio Shop Job Request or a prearranged access through a faculty member. Students can be trained to work with metal, wood, and plastics as well as electronics and embedded systems to fabricate research equipment. The biology shop can collaborate with other shops on campus to increase fabrication options.  Questions? Contact Sam Scoma.