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Biology 97 Lecture Series

Themes in Biology: Genes, Development, Behavior, Evolution: Diverse paths to understanding organisms
2:00 pm (most) Fridays, Science Center Lecture Hall 101
All are welcome

Sept 14     

Sean McBride ’96

Associate Professor, Rowan University

“Enhancing memory in monogenetic disorders associated

with intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorders”


Sept 21     

Jill Wildonger ’97

Assistant Professor, Univ of Wisconsin

"Building a neuron with motors and microtubules”


Sept 28     

Jeff Donlea ’05

Assistant Professor, UCLA

“Using fruit flies to investigate how brains sleep”


Oct 5     

Anne Danielson-Francois ’90

Associate Professor, University of Michigan

“Sperm competition in orbweaving spiders: male scramblers and thieves”


Oct 26     

Tedi Asher ’05

Neuroscience Researcher, Peabody Essex Museum

"Characterization of dopamine-responsive serotonergic neurons underlying aggression modulation"


Nov 2     

Hadley Horch ’93

Associate Professor, Bowdoin College

“Injury-induced Compensatory Plasticity:  Form, Function, and Transcriptomics”        


Nov 9     

Erik Hom ’95

Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi

“Of Chance and Necessity in Fungal-Algal Mutualisms”


Nov 16     

Matt Goldstein ’04

MD, PhD, Neon Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA

“Tumultuous Adolescence:  Immunotherapy Comes of Age”


Nov 30     

Arpiar Saunders ’06

Post-Doc, Harvard Medical School

“High-throughput inference of brain composition and connectivity using single-cell genomics”