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Alice L. Crossley Prize Recipients

Alice L. Crossley Prize Recipients
Year Recipient Paper Title
2018 David Chan '19 Navigating Difference Within the Sri Lankan Muslim Social Formation
  Hali Han '19 Chinese NGOs and Environmental Public Interest Litigation
2017 Irene Kwon '17 The Successful Mother: Understanding Gendered Governance Through Compulsory Maternal Competition in the South Korean Education System
  Spriha Dhanuka '17 Indianness and the Diaspora: Seeing the World Through Bollywood
2016 Samuel Mori '16 Saving Furusato in the City of Quartz: Japanese American Imaginings of Community, Culture, and History Through the Little Tokyo Redevelopment Projects
  Olivia Mendelson '16 Between East and West: He Chengyao in Dialogue with Lu Xun and Joseph Beuys
2015 Hang M. Le '16 Governing Through Crisis: Exploring Contemporary Chinese Anxieties About the Child
  Samuel Mori '16 Moral Mirrors: Convention, Composition and Literary Allusion in the Tan'yu Genji Screens
2014 Collin Smith '14 Green Power and Great Powers: The Origins and Implications of Techno-Nationalism in China's Renewable Energy Industry
  Emma Saarel '14 The World Banks' Influence on Chinese Urban Transport Development
  Winnie Vien '16 Living-Dead Connections: Cremation, Body, and the Soul in Hong Kong
2013 Lorand Laskai '13 Hard Force, Soft Power: China's Rise and the 'Grammar' of Normative Construction
  Jacob Phillips '13 A Model and Typology of Reduplication in Sora
2012 Francesca Bolfo '12 The Absence of Love and Assertion of Identity: A Scholastic Interpretation of Unkifune
  Amalia Feld '12 Civil-Military Fusion: China's Path to 21st Century Great Power Status
  Jonathan Molloy '14 Anciently Contemporary
2011 Benjamin Rachbach '11 Global Schooling, Local Technology: ICT for Literacy Education in Beijing's Migrant Schools
  Calvin Ho '11 Heritage Language Loss in the Chinese Community in Argentina
  James Preimesberger
Re-translating Haruki Murakami's 'The Second Bakery Attack'
2010 Marissa Roque '10 Kabuki in Transition
Jing Yang '11 Nationalism, Feminism, and the Evolution of Chinese Women's Physical Culture
2009 Caroline Crooms '09 Diagnosing a Nation: The Legacy of Lu Xun's Disease Metaphors in 20th-Century Chinese Literature
Laura Post '09 Pan Yuliang: An Artist Between Two Worlds - Sino-European Artistic Exchange in the Early 20th Century
2008 Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten, '09 Narrative Internal and External Worlds: A Framework for the Films of Wong Kar-wai
Stephanie Lin Hsu, '08 Stepping Up and Speaking Out: Empowerment and Communalization through Community Youth Programming for Asian American Youth
Fletcher Coleman '09 Beijing Tattoo Culture: conflicting Currents of History, Modernity, Individuality, and Society
Anson Stewart '10 Feng Shui and the "Odious Iron Way"
2007 Tanya Hoke '07 China's New Virtual World
Angelina An Li Seah '07 Her Story: Gender and Same-Sex Relations in Contemporary Japan
2006 Emma Kalb '06 The Nautch Girl, in Print and on Film
Tanya Hoke '07 The Role of Resistance to the State in Demoncratization: China and South Korea (honorable mention)
2005 Emma Kalb '06 Movement and Meaning: Performing Kathak in a World of Flux
2004 Lan Le '04 Possibility and Liberation in Card Captor Sakura Through the Subversion of Normative Sex, Gender, and Social Expectation
Sarah St. Vincent '04 Taking Refuge: Buddhist Ethics Regarding Intimate Violence
2003 Kimberly Lucas '03 Xun Dai: The Search for a Generation: A Comparative Analysis of the 5th and 6th Generation Film Directors in Mainland China
2002 Tanyaporn Wansom '02 Taking a Holistic View of the Chinese-American Health Care Experience: Contextualizing the individual cultural construction of health and illness within immigrant communities
Hung Le '02 The Cao Dai Sect and Ho Chi Minh's Marxist Movement, Two Modes of Resistance: The impact of nationalism and Western influences on colonial protest and resistance movements in Vietnam, 1920-1945
2001 Rebecca Schultz '02 Between the Fifth and the Sixth: Jiang Wen's In the Heat of the Sun
Chika Watanabe '02 Overcoming the Eclipse: Bompo Tibetan National Identity in an Exile Community
Andrea Wong '02 When Shanghai Became Monochrome: Japanese Aggression and Press Censorship, 1932-1941
2000 Joseph Scheier-Dolberg '00 Reconstruction, Restoration, and Representation: The Resurgence of Tibetan Buddhism in China
Gabriel Cumming '00 Belief Systems and Environmental Conflict in Chom Tong, Thailand