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Alice L. Crossley Prize Recipients

Professor Tomoko Sakumura and students in a Japanese Ceremonial Art class
  • First Prize (Thesis), Sneha Kumar, " Forging Sympathy through Epicenity: Diasporic South Asian Anti-Colonial Movements"
  • First Prize (Original Class Essay), Jiho Shin, " Crossings and Incongruities"
  • First Prize:  Alex Malcombe, "Nostalgic Tokyo;" Dorothy Rui-Corrigan, "Maids and Mistresses in Dream of the Red Chamber: Confidantes, Stand-ins, and Warnings;" Kilin Tang, "The Never-Ending Pursual of the Unattainable American Dream: How Minari (2020) Refutes Narratives of Upward Mobility and Critiques Capitalist America.
  • Second Prize: Fiona Stewart, "When the 'Homeland' Comes to You: Evaluating Korean Language in Kyrgyzstan;" Rebecca Flak, "Wang Xifeng and Illness in Dream of the Red Chamber: Embedded Cultural Ideas of Social Transgressions" 
  • First Prize, Best Thesis: Dylan Charter, "Nivkh and Sakha Language Ideologies" 
  • Second Prize, Best Theses: Ian Withy-Berry, "Zhuangzi for a Student of Philosophy;" Jinwook Lee “Play Together and Just Have Fun”:  Fostering Community Through Collegiate US Pungmul Drumming
  • First Place, Best Paper: Sagan Costello, "Translation: Han Ping and His Wife; Clio Hamilton "Dying Islands, Living Words"
  • Second Place, Best Paper: Harry Yeung, "Popular Protests in Hong Kong;" Dorothy-Rui Corrigan,  "Suspension in Time: Baroque  Representation of the Philippines in A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino"
  • Best Thesis: Leren Gao '21, "Chinese and Tibetan Buddhist Women's Relational World: Spiritual Friendships and other Auspicious Connections;"  Tiffany Want '21, "Redefining Belonging: Memory and Place-Making for Peruvians of Chinese and Japanese Descent in the 21st Century"
    Best Individual Paper: Cyndi Lai '21, "Solidarity/Spectatorship: The Violence of Abjection in the Viewing of 
    'Accidental Napalm';"Yung Yung Liu '21, "Aesthetics of Temporal Aspects: An Analysis of the Function of "LE" in '
    Tales of Hulan River';" Shaoni White '22, "Death and History in "Somadeva: A Sky River Sutra"
  • Honorable Mention: Pei Yi Mei '21, "Appropriation of the Feminine Energy in the Rig Veda;"  Yifan Ping '21, "
    Travel to Transcend: Travel, Literati Identity, anad Enlightenment of Su Shi"

​​​​​​​Complete list of Alice L. Crossley Prize Recepients, 2020 - 2000