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Study Abroad and Language


Students in Asian Studies are strongly encouraged to consider studying an Asian language and undertaking a period of study in Asia.

Swarthmore currently offers Chinese and Japanese. Other Asian languages may be studied at the University of Pennsylvania during the regular academic year, in summer-language programs, or abroad. For languages offered at Swarthmore, courses above first-year level count toward the major or minor. For Asian languages not offered at Swarthmore, courses at the entry level may be approved if at least the equivalent of 1.5 credits is successfully completed in a program approved by the Asian Studies Committee.  The language requirement may be waived at the discretion of the Asian Studies coordinator in cases of demonstrated advanced oral and written proficiency in an Asian language relevant to a student's area of geographic focus.

Asian Studies faculty can recommend academically rigorous programs in several Asian countries. Study abroad is the ideal arena for intensive language study. Courses taken abroad may be applied toward the major or minor, subject to the approval of the Asian Studies coordinator. Note: at least half of the credits in a student's Asian Studies major or minor should be earned at Swarthmore.

Please visit the website for Swarthmore's Off-Campus Study office for a list of programs.

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