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Past Programming

All past TLC programming and projects can be found below. Read what the TLC has done in past years and feel free to reference the accompanying materials!


Pedagogy Lunches:

  1. Beyond Content
    1. Slide deck
    2. Discussion Questions
  2. Chemistry in Context
    1. Recording
    2. Slide deck
  3. Antiracist Teaching
    1. Handouts
  4. Teaching the Whole Student
    1. Slide deck

Inquiry Groups:

  1. Artificial Intelligence & the Liberal Arts
    1. Part I: Primer
    2. Part II: Writing
    3. Part III: Policy implications


FLI-POP Pilot Program:

From August 22 to 28, 2023, the TLC hosted a FLI Peer Orientation Program (FLI-POP) -  a six day leadership development and peer-mentoring program, conceptualized by current FLI students. FLI-POP offers new and returning FLI students the opportunity to connect with key resources that will support their success and well-being at Swarthmore, engage in discussions and workshops around navigating academic and social life at the College, and build a supportive community with peers from shared experiences and similar backgrounds.

Teaching & Learning Serendipity Grants:

The TLC awarded twenty serendipity grants to support projects that support teaching and learning at Swarthmore. From summer book groups and online pedagogy workshops to critical theory seminars and curriculum redevelopment meetings, the grant offered us a window into some of the exciting work faculty and staff at Swarthmore engage in during the summer months! You can read more about the grants here.

"Beyond Resilience" Rest Retreat for K-12 Educators:

From June 26-28, 2023, the TLC hosted a mini retreat for K-12 educators at the Dan & Sidney West House. In the 3-day Beyond Resilience retreat, 16 participants were able to rest in the company of other dedicated educators. In addition to opportunities for reflection, book discussion (of Tricia Hersey’s Rest is Resistance) and community building, daily retreat activities included engagement with nature, movement, cooking, and crafts.

Learning for Life Woodworking Workshop:

Learning for Life and the Makerspace hosted 8 Environmental Services employees for a woodworking workshop this summer. In this 4-day workshop, participants learned about overall safety, best practices, and some of the basic skills of making custom objects in the woodshop. After training, they sketched and set out to construct their own creative designs, using the shop's hand and power woodworking tools, as well as some of the digital tools (laser cutter/CNC) as well. You can read more about this workshop here.

FALL 2023

Pedagogy Lunches:

  1. Course Evaluations
    1. Slide deck
  2. Pedagogical Partnerships

Tea Times:

  1. Calista Cleary: Tri-co Philly
  2. Early Career Faculty & Mentor Happy Hour (co-sponsored by the Lang Center & Aydelotte)
  3. Stephanie Ives: Supporting Students in Distress

Inquiry Groups:

  1. Teaching Large Intro Courses in NSE led by Christopher Graves
  2. Student Health & Well-being led by Chris Murphy
  3. Community-Engaged Teaching led by Katie Price
  4. BAR-WE (Building Anti-Racist White Educators) led by Jennifer Bradley and Kevin Webb

TLC + Aydelotte Pedagogy Dinners:

  1. Curricular Redesign
  2. Alternative Grading


Pedagogy Lunches:

  1. Student-led panel
  2. Sanctuary Committee 

Inquiry Groups:


Tea Times:

  1. Resource exchange
  2. Research assistantship for URM students
  3. Tutors and peer assistants on campus