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Swarthmore Forward will equip our diverse, intellectually curious student body with the confidence, compassion, and discipline necessary to contribute to a better world. Our success in this shared endeavor will empower our students to begin their lives after Swarthmore with a deep knowledge of their field of study; the ability to think critically and communicate effectively; the intellectual openness required to interact with those from differing backgrounds holding different perspectives; the skills necessary to manage life after college; and the nimbleness, adaptability, and courage to persevere through the challenges of lives and careers we have yet to imagine.

The plan articulates a bold vision of our future together. It imagines a Swarthmore rooted in our traditions and strengthened by our investment in infrastructure — both literal and metaphorical — allowing for the ongoing and continuous development of initiatives and programs necessary for us to live more purposefully into our mission. As we forge our path forward, it provides a road map to a stronger Swarthmore, unwavering in our commitment to empowering all who share in our community to flourish and contribute to a better world.