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Computer Science


  • All intro computer science (CS) classes have Ninjas staffing them, but there are no student teaching assistants for labs.

Notes about Tutoring

  • Make sure to attend at least two Ninja sessions before requesting an individual tutor.

  • In addition to reaching out to the professor, you can also reach out to the CS academic support coordinator, Lauri Courtenay, who can help find you a tutor. She is great resource for understanding student problems and knowing what kind of help students need and where to get it.

  • Tutors can help with conceptual problems, but are instructed not to help with the current weekly lab assignment (students should be directed to Ninja sessions or office hours).

Study Groups

  • Students can form support groups on their own. Most classes have an online discussion forum via Slack or Piazza, where students can reach out to peers.

How to Succeed in CS

Content created by 2018-2019 Ninjas: Michelle Ma, Bayliss Wagner, Daniel Chaiken, Kei Imada. Edited by Hannah Holt in 2021.

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